What is this maddness?

(If you’ve been here before, back when this was my practice’s site, well, I changed things! If you want to work with me in the various ways I am available to work with, check out my practice’s new site, http://www.sensibletoolbox.com.)

This site is lovingly dedicated to LE, who loved my myspace, er, notes? back in the day. I’ve been trying to get back to that format for years.

Fullmooneyes….the war for me is Presence, Showing Up. Thus, a daily, Days in the Life style blog. This is light (probably), personal and mostly unedited. I do expect my parents and in-laws (hi!) to cruise by here occasionally, so while I may not edit (much) and don’t believe in CENSORING, I do believe in boundaries and, er, appropriateness (ok, fine, I try to believe in these things….) so my goal is “authentic, real, yet mostly family friendly….in actual content if not context.” Eg, I AM VERY OPEN ABOUT MY OPEN MARRIAGE, but I will not post (probably) the gory details of my dating life.

(Aahahahaa…… Oh, that’s funny. Sorry. It’s just been such a long time since I’ve had time to date my husband, much less someone else.)

Fullmooneyes is a reference to an A. Hafiz (I think) poem, but I lost my copy of “Love Poems From God” so I CAN’T CONFIRM.

My intention, personally, for this site are for spiritual therapy. Feed my soul, practice discipline, and ultimately, to take care of myself by coming back to the well of self reflection, or “blah”ing.*

My hope, for you, the reader, is that you will find encouragement, hope, and maybe some laughs. Or at least someone whose life makes you feel better about yourself by comparison.

If you don’t find those things, or other good, positive benefits, well, no one’s putting a gun to your head and forcing you to read, so beat it.

Beat it good. Ahahaha….


* Blah, to Blah, Blah-ing. The act of writing what’s in one’s head in a rambly, stream of consciousness sort of way. May or may not be worth reading by others.


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