So, they’re BACK! J and D are back from visiting the FAMILY*, and the first hug David gave me was one of the best things ever.

Missed my boys.

In other news, tired. TIRED.

Winter + Extra stupid early mornings + the LONGEST of all Long Saturdays ever have me dragging. Slept through my alarm** this morning—humiliating. I’m anticipating a lot of naps over the next few days.

Good night sweet ones. Dream well.


*Heh. Heh. So I just had a mental flash of our family’s as mobsters. Heh. Mobsters of kindness and hospitality, maybe. Though, if this were some alt univ, our family’s would kick a**.

**I have back up systems: two  alarms on two different devices…but when you forget to turn the volumes up when turning them on…


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