If you scroll down, there is a Twitter

Yes, yes, what’s the point of the twitter feed being down at the bottom where no one will see it?? Silly theme.

Well, the point is: I am scared to change my theme for fear it will ruin all of my picture posts. Also, twitter is fun. At least in the context of “hey this is my personal life blog”.

I’ve “decided” to do another business-y twitter for Sensible Toolbox….and decided as in “current experiment”.

Funny story–I started twitter, thinking, hey, FUN. Silly in the moment mini blogs, wooohooo!

And then, I was hit with the Shy’s, and having my HERO AND TEACHER follow me after attending a teacher training with her sent me so far back into my shell I came out the other end.

Eventually, the Shy’s retreated, or dissolved or were….overshadowed by how much I just want an outlet–as if this blog weren’t enough…which it isn’t.

Overshadowed isn’t the right word. I suppose my focus shifted from how afraid I was to be myself on twitter—Havi will be ANNOYED because my energy is DARK AND GANGRENOUS, AHHHHHHHHHH— to my desire to share in the moment.

(Havi, btw, I’m sorry for all of the projections and so entirely grateful you do the work you do.)

Anywho’s—yes, so there is a twitter and I will talk about EGGS all freaking day if I want too.

I mean, eggs. Sometimes I feel like that lizard in the second Rescuer’s* movie when it comes to eggs.

And since I figured out SOFT BOILED EGGS as in delicious, creamy eggs that happen WITHOUT CREATING A PAN TO SCRUB?**

Oh baby, bring it on.

PS-image credit http://www.thechive.com. My dishes are never that cute.


*The first one traumatized the living bejeezus out of me. *shuddddddder* I’m pretty sure that I can credit that movie with my biggest fear which is watery caves. Or rather being lowered into, falling into, being stuck in. OH MY GOD I’M FREAKING OUT.

**Sole downside to scrambled eggs and why scrambled eggs are now a weekend food. Along with waffles, pancakes, bacon, etc.

Zomg, I just ate and listing all of those breakfast foods made my tummy growl.


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