Pizza Dragon — Homemade pastas + sauce — AWESOME MOVIE

David has been watching/into the ‘How to Train Your Dragon’ TV series, ‘Riders of Berk’ and ‘Defenders of Berk’.

God, I wish I had a flying vehicle/device/creature of some kind. Preferably device/vehicle–I can barely handle two cats.

Thus, Pizza Dragon. This is his first unique dragon, the rest of his sketch book is copies of dragons from the show and various Lego weapons.



Extremely excited about the puttanesca sauce I made last night. I’ve got pasta on to boil–olives, capers, anchovies, oh my!

My cooking has evolved to the point where it usually is pretty delicious, and point in case, John ate TWO servings of my puttanesca and homemade gnocchi.

When we were first married, he never asked for seconds, if he’d even eat my cooking at all.

Talk about a blow to my erm, traditionally molded, ideas of womanhood and marriage.


Anyways, did I mention I am excited about this puttanesca discovery? The whole recipe took a few minutes to make, is SO TASTY and vibrant, and I will just tell myself it’s super healthy. I mean, olives and tomatoes right?

And delicious capers, and anchovies and fresh basil and next time I’m going to add some fresh parsley… *mouthwatering*

This is the recipe I used for the sauce, and here is the gnocchi recipe.

I’d like to check out homemade gnocchi that doesn’t involve instant mashed potato flakes, but not during a Work Week. With a LONG WEEKEND.

However, holy goodness, gnocchi dough stays good in the fridge for a bit and in the freezer for longer–SO INSTANT HOMEMADE GNOCCHI WILL BE MINE.

Mmmm….what sauce will I use next?? Suggestions welcome.


I re-watched Attack the Block last night. I saw it in theaters, back before the director dude was tapped for the next Star Trek.

Yeah, that’s right, back before it was cool, bitches. All I needed was ‘british’ and ‘aliens’.

John had a guilty look on his face when I asked him if he’d seen AtB.

“Um,” he said, shiftly, “Yeah, I saw it in theater.”

Turns out, we’d each gone to see it alone. And all secret like.

Wah, wah.

Anyways, was even better than I remembered. I think I will watch it again before I mail the DVD back–it’s that good. Think tight and very well done. The movement of the film was such that I didn’t even realize it was almost over before it was over—it felt real and raw and the characters….ack! SO GOOD.

If you watch it, think of me at the katana scooter rescue scene.


Loves you guys, stay warm, wherever you are at.




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