Frozen day of sorts

I’ve been up since 4am.


4-745 was a groggy, nappy haze of “Am I Working? Is It Safe/Worth it to Drive?”

What a fun game! I really enjoyed it!*

I still haven’t written about Other Paid Work. I’m enjoying the bubble of people assuming that my practice is Built.

Rather than the F****** EXCRUCIATING SLOW PROCESS OF building.

Inner work, inner work, inner work fun!**

Granted, I am unbelievably grateful I am starting this building process from Within with the intention of long term sustainability.

This means: systems, processing feelings, more systems, more feeling processing all while actually doing things. Having to do with said business.

In addition to my other you know, life things, like PARENTING.

I can’t compartmentalize. Well, some combination of ‘can’t and ‘won’t’. And I’ve had enough experience to know that foundations are very very important.

So. Lots of gentleness and permission as I examine, activate and build my foundation.***

And in the mean time, there is OPW that involves waking up VERY early 3x a week.

My spirit guides informed me that this was Training for the rest of my Work.

As in, even once I quit OPW, wow, how convenient that I have this habit of waking up early. Won’t that pair well with my writing practice?

Wah wah…..

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*Lying liar tells LIES.

** ditto.

***Talk about monster management skills. Half of what I’m doing is figuring out ways of cutting through the monster/critic storm of WOE.

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