“…but you’re the opposite of repairing things, mom.”

Today is Sunday. And it’s been slow and yummy and also annoying, but mostly slow and yummy.

The sink clogged, that was annoying.

The title quote is David’s assessment of my ability to deal with the clogged sinks.

It was especially annoying because, in addition to not blogging, another, erm, “daily duty” that I “rebelled” against this weekend was the dishes.*

Today is a designated “Cooking Day”. It was one of those “funny” little spiritual moments where, I’ve build up simply cleaning the dishes and cooking breakfast into this huge, insurmountable Everest.

And then, mid way through when I realize the sinks were clogged (NOOOOOOOOOOOO), and I start fervently wishing I was back where I was this morning, with an unclogged drain.

So I did all of the dishes and cooked breakfast with clogged sinks. Fun times.

(thinking all the while that, had I been grateful and efficient, this wouldn’t have happened. There’s likely an element of truth there—smaller batches of dishes, more careful of the old school drain–but it’s also one of those crazy, ego moments. I’m the worst! I’m the center of EVERYTHING.

And, then one of my spiritual thing’s around Everything is Something/There are no coincidences… I try to balance and if the end result is less inner violence and more presence, then, wooo!)

They’re draining slowly, which is good news, I suppose.

So, I missed the last two days. (Weekending!)

This is only an issue because I’ve said would post daily.

I’m sorry. (really.)

Sometimes I am a huge, giant, panties on fire LIAR.


Anyways, my sweet potato hash is smelling done… Time to go scramble eggs, steam spinach and start the toast.

xoxo lovelies.

PS–image credit thechive.com


*One reason why I can do most of housework most days is because most of the dishes, laundry and clutter are mine.

I asked myself a long time ago, after a long inner bitch about how messy my family/roommates are and how much it sucks cleaning up after them, what I would be doing cleaning wise if I lived on my own.

And between how messy I am and how much higher my standards of clean are, I realized I’d be doing more housework if I was on my own and living up to my inner standards.

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