Haha, or you know, “WU!” for all of us Archer fans out there.

(Gibber, slobber, cannot WAIT for the next season.


Anywho, it is time for a bath.

I have busted my ass this week and now it is time for the weekend.

And, it is my off Saturday this week. WOOOOOOOOOOOO!

And, my house is pretty damn clean, the laundry is done enough, and David and I just finished all of his homework*.

HIP HIP HURRAY! HURRAH! *happy dances*

I’m wrapping up the blog, David has a large snack and I’ve prepped his dinner (oh growing boys…), so literally all I have left to do today–rather, all that is absolutely necessary is to boil a pot of water for about 10 minutes and add things.

I was feeling….rushed and crazed and hectic before writing this, and worried I wouldn’t be able to let myself enjoy this period of relaxation, but typing about things seems to have helped.

If I’m going to work hard, I’m going to relax…um, hard.

It’s taken a while for me to hack through the guilt and shame monsters to the point where I can rest without freaking out.

It’s still hard, today being a point in case. Just another example of how Reality doesn’t necessarily match my inner world. (Reality being 5 very long days in a row. And it’s not like anyone else is watching my kid this weekend. I’m a parent… My “time off” includes working full time.)

The inner critics don’t give a flying rats a** that I’ve kicked a** this week in all areas and that some solid down/rest/play time is exactly what I need to be able to maintain this level of a**kickery.

I have the notes to prove it even! I know that my tanks have to be refilled.

But no….. It’s all, oh, you’re the worst, you suck, WORK HARDER DUMB BITCH**, nothing you’ve done matters, go suck an egg…. Or better yet! Clean out all of the closets! Can you walk? Well, THEN YOU CAN WORK. Blah, blah, blah….

Oh, MONSTERS. I know you love me and are just trying to keep me safe.

It’s ok, don’t worry. I’ve got Rules about what the monsters are and aren’t allowed to bully me into…that mostly work.

I’ve got a hooooot bath waiting for me. There will be sage and candles and podcasts. Yes.



*While my credit is large since I did the most sticky bit with him + supervised two other segments^, I have to give HUGE kudos to my dreamy husband who did the other 3/4 of this weeks massive packet while I slept and cried and worked.

What do people do without competent, kind, considerate, thoughtful partners?

Plus, he’s hot. And our Venn diagram of tv/movies/books has a surprisingly large overlap. And he’s clean. And communicates.

Did I mention hot?

I feel a bit nervous, bragging about my man partner in public.

The beauty of our marriage can only be topped by the horror and I’m afraid that talking about how….good and sweet it’s been (oh my god! A partner!) will usher in demonic doom.


But you know. This too shall pass….

^….after working since 6am. I have to say I rocked the homework. It could have been horrible–his hardest section, my exhaustion and done-ness, but it didn’t suck! I stayed calm, loving and helpful. ??? How did that happen?

**Don’t know about you, but I can’t censor my monsters. Foul mouthed little f*&^%$#s.


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