Super quick

Hello from the middle of the week. We’re deep in Action Time, (er, trenches?) and I’m tired. And busy.

Good, lovely week so far, just busy.

Bus thing was funny soon after in retrospect.

I went into the afternoon wanting an adventure*, which, as a novice bus user also using new bus schedule apps, making a looong trip across town with four separate routes to plan…

I’m rating the experience as worthwhile, overall pleasant with lovely side benefits and worthy of further investigation.

Anyways. One of those side benefits is being very, very tired. And you know, there’s still some road to travel, although by road I mean prepping my ‘office’ for a client tomorrow and a full morning of Other Paid Work, which means a strict bedtime.

Xoxo, I hope all is well.


*Besides my general airiness, the Novice factor and the fact that I wished for adventure? I’m glad I just missed a bus.

It was a glorious, sunny day too. “Poor” me.

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