I just missed my bus

This is not an unfamiliar experience.

But, D***** M************ stupid ARG.

Learning, or TRYING TO (eff you yoda, I am NOT IN THE MOOD) from past mistakes, er misses, I:

-arrived TEN minutes early
-triple checked my instructions/directions….

Which is where my fine plan (to arrive at F****** GROUP* on time) unraveled.

The stop id number on my instructions and the stop id number at the stop DIDN’T match.

Anxiety SOARS.

Enter next mistake–acting in panic, which basically means NOT THINKING CLEARLY.

(Have I mentioned that I am a novice bus user? Yes. My thought is that driving less would be less stressful.)

(And blah, lists, learning curve–still think I may be right but godf****** d***** am I pissed right now.)

So anyways, I wind up walking to the bus stop across the street…the safe LONG way…only to see two things:

1. The numbers didn’t match here either and,
2. My bus pulling away across the street.

A nice homeless man tried to sell me his bus pass. I made him look cool calm and collected as I swore my way back to the correct effing stop.

Everything is stupid.


*group therapy is the emotional/mental equivalent of… Colonics? Kale shakes? Yoga boot camp.

It’s a big part of why I am married, still, and happily, to answer the why. But I hate it most of the time.

I hate getting there more. It’s bus or ONE and a HALF hours minimum in RUSH HOUR. Which is basically a death sentence. Eug, hopefully not literally, but it’s possible.

I took the other highway home a month ago and almost died three freaking times. It doesn’t have to be this way! Where is the solar power generating auto rail that you can just drive your car onto and be ferried to where you need to go???

Expletive, expletive expletive!


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