Happy Birthdays

Usually, two birthday parties in 24 hours is enough to put me in the twitchy catatonic state.

Particularly with having a mini me in tow both times.

Particularly considering the amount of bubble consumed last night. (I affirm my decision to quaff!)

The one today is at a jumpy place place. I think I’ve whined about these places before… Today is warm and sunny, so half the population of Austin is not crammed inside, seeking warmth and entertainment. And there are only two birthday parties, not five, like last time.

However… *knock on wood because the kid party isn’t done yet* I feel fine. Not great, but fine. Also, I have an out to leave early, so yay….

Last night was awesome. It was one of those moments where… all of these really good things came together. J, my neighbor, wasn’t even sure she was going to celebrate and so her party was super impromptu and awesome. 

These things do not necessarily follow, too.

It was just really sweet–we were all there to celebrate this lovely person, the herd of children seemed to gel nicely, as did the grown ups.


So yeah, I was NOT in blogging form last night. I was in EAT LEFTOVERS AND WATCH TV form. And that, as well, was awesome.

My plan for today to be SUPER PRODUCTIVE? Not in very good form.

Which is totally ok. Last night was worth it, remembering this party for David’s friend; worth it.


Life seems to be…a series of judgment calls–I take this experience, but not that one, this one and I’ll take the consequences, sight unseen, or unthought through as it often is with me.

I’m literally sitting off to the side of the large group of grown ups, “working”. I do have work to do, really, it isn’t just that my social/functioning tank is tapped. And, Other Work aside, I still have my Real Job, this whole parenting 24/7 thing for the next 7 hours, so I must Conserve.

When we get home, we are watching How To Train Your Dragon. Busy day.


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