I share a bathroom with two cats and two male humans.

just deep cleaned….ok fine, deepish…our (single) bathroom on Tuesday night because, after a….day, I really wanted a bath.

A hot, Epsom salt, essential oil bath with a glass of yum on the clean side, and something hilarious on the speakers….while not smelling anyone’s toilet.

It was wonderful.

And epic.

And perfect

Something like that tonight would be awesome. 

However. I just shook about a 1/4 cup of crud from the (laundered within 7 days  and shaken out two days ago) bath mat and I just want to sink into a pile of goo because that way I could be still and not feel guilty about it.


Time for some Dr. Who. Wait, no, promised David I would watch some of his dragon show…

Signing off, sleep well….

PS–photo credit to thechive.com. The photos so far have either been mine or from theChive…and I think the differences are clear…


*So. Annoyed. And Tired. Tired. Which makes sense, but, f&*^ I still think I’m Super Woman most of the time, at least when it comes to things like plansgoals, and expectations.


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