Good book with bees.

So. Chalice is insanely good.

I was able to put it down at a sensible time*, (which, given last night** is a very good thing) only because I have read it twice before. I am a huge fan of fiction stories where there are complex characters having A Difficult Time of It as their relationship unfolds realistically in the background, and this is as good as it gets and better.

And by realistically I mean…it’s stressful, their connection is sudden and intense, there’s serious personal development as they both are almost being overwhelmed with X life/personal stuff as they Struggle to Save the Day.

I especially like how Mckinley brings in the Untrained Heroine Thrust into Power In the Midst of Turmoil to Chalice. Mirasol, the main character, is also a beekeeper and she uses the healing power of honey to keep the Evil At Bay….or Can She?

Then, there’s the introduction of a badly, deeply wounded Prince and the Corrupt Big Government set  sovergnty and well being of a small, vibrant, wounded community…in a…prosperous 1700’s English-ish*** country side.

In short Mirasol does things, kicks ass despite wild self doubt and terror (with the help of her friends of course), and I lovelovelovelovelove this book SO MUCH.

I need to stop here. Goodnight, much love and rest to you and yours.


*Pretty much impossible with a good, unread book. Difficult for favorite re-reads as well.

**Slept poorly. Up early for first day of school.^

^Yeah. I am a total space cadet–there was no school today.

***Magical English-ish country side.

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