Eegads, that last post was whiny….

And this post is already full of self judgement. Hurray!

All of that pales in comparison to five clean loads of laundry.

…which pales in comparison to walking through the door and seeing the pile of sheets I missed sitting on a chair.

Not working washing machines is for the…dogs! Because dogs love to dirty things and messify in general.

I’d been wavering on the whole “to do/to not to do” dog issue…and having my friend’s pups over for the holidaze set me solidly back on the side of TO NOT TO DO.

Love her dogs. Love most people’s dogs.


I can barely tolerate* the mess created, and by mess I mean DIRT ON THE FLOOR, by three relatively neat people.

But dogs! Who run in yards! And run inside! And out, and in and out…….

*shudder* Dirt, bark, hair, bits of chewed up twigs and toys.

(Jo, if you’re reading, I truly am glad T and M came to play. It was totally and completely manageable and they are such dears to have around. I’m just pretty sure I can’t sign up for similar 24/7 myself.)

All right. It was a long Saturday after a long week of two so I am bidding you good night, adieu, sweet dreams, etc.

Time for risotto and Chalice.

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