The gods require stock!

I love stock. Stock, stocky, stock, STOCK.

My last batch of veg stock for Christmas Soup was, how to put it kindly, a reflection of my state of mind.

So, as one does, last night I was prowling the interwebs for a good crock pot stock recipe.

Wait, let me preface–I was feeling sad, tired and angsty for reasons that do not bear repeating publicly–not too bad, considering the fun juice from yesterday’s game–but bad enough to trigger emotional cooking urges.

Sometimes these urges work out just fine.

Other times….it’s a harried, poorly thought out freaking disaster.

Since I didn’t have enough ingredients for my stock and since I really needed to eat something, now*, I staunched the emotional wounds with food blog browsing, which led me to this post on slow cooker veg stock, which, despite the meager yield, I want to try. I mean, YUM.

Then, I found Jess’ next stock post on homemade chicken stock, which is what I made, in an adaptive sort of way, or rather, am making right now as I type.

Simmering yumminess. Praise be, goddess accept this offering. Amen.

Anyways, next I found THIS recipe for, wait for it, GNOCCHI CHICKEN POT PIE.


BRILLIANT. I mean, most of the point of regular chicken pot pie is a large amount of soft, creamy potatoes–so why not substitute pasta’s favorite cousin??


So anyways, this post is taking much longer than I planned on–I still am playing with this delusion that I can write one in 10-15 minutes. Sigh. But whatever. It’s therapeutic. And fun.

The issues will start when this becomes less fun, but if this blog follows my usual relationship pattern, we have a few months before the dysfunction sets in. So heads up people.

I just don’t have words for this day.*** Despite not sleeping well or enough (must solve this….), I knocked two clients out of the park, or into dream land, whichever. I mean, I always feel like a total fraud and a failure in my sessions (despite my experience and training) but… you know, such is the life of a human with an ego and a chorus of inner critics.

I did glean something useful from the Inner Cacophony and both my people left with bliss face, so, WIN.

And now I’m cooking delicious food, John and David spent the afternoon together chilling and doing the grocery shopping, and J and I are going out tonight.

AND last night’s Situation of Angst has been resolved about as as satisfactorily as I could have hoped for, so WIN AGAIN.

Peace my dears, happy last few hours of 2013!


*Low blood sugar was also contributing to angst–I require regular meals or else my world is shit.

I mean, we played straight through for five hours. How does that even happen?? So much FUN! But OH SO HUNGRY.

Oh, I made delicious steak, with gluten free pasta sautéed with half a zucchini and a ton of garlic, topped with a handful of chopped, fresh parsley.

Parsley, btw, has more bio available calcium than milk. This is actually a terrible comparison, because unlike milk, parsley is an excellent source of calium. It is however, not good for nursing moms, btw, because in large quantities it will reduce your milk flow.

Random health fact for you!

…Back to the calcium/milk–yes, milk has a lot of calcium, but it also has a lot of phosphorus which binds to the calcium, making it unavailable to the body. 

Weight bearing exercise, vitamins D and K are crucial for healthy bones….but omg do I digress.

**Well, the recipe seems like it will be easy. We’ll see. I am going to be substituting gluten free flour and I already want to experiment^ with olive oil instead of butter…just cause it’s so tasty!

^According to John, I am incapable of cooking without modifying a recipe in some sort of way.

He’s right.

Although today, with the stock, not my fault. (“You said whole chicken, right?” He said, plopping the  rotisserie chicken on the counter. “Thank you so much for grocery shopping babe!” I said.)

This has been an issue through out our 9 years together, as he’s worked in increasingly fine dining restaurants and well, seriously, HOW CAN I COMPETE WITH TYSON COLE OR PAUL QUI?

Answer: I can’t and I have a lot of questionable leftovers.

But, if we want to get a little meta, which omg is not helping me make this gnocchi, not being able to cook for my partner forced our relationship to take a shape different from what I was programmed for, which was Epic Housewife. As disheartening as it was earlier in our relationship, I think it really helped me learn independence and how to love and relate to John in new ways.

Now, he likes my cooking and we have a very equitable relationship. Win.

***Haha, JUST KIDDING…. I mean, I have words, but how can words sum up the way my heart felt, full to bursting with pleasure, fulfillment and contentment, this afternoon? Words can get close, perhaps, but…. Also, it was a little scary, how good it felt. This is how it goes.


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