So freaking blessed/photo series of game day.

I suppose a more correct title would be feeling blessed. I am always blessed–just a matter of where my awareness/sense capacity is on a given day.

Granted, this morning was a tiny bit rough–adventures 20 minutes after waking, are you kidding me? PRE TEA?

But it was the kind with a good ending and I made it to my yoga class/date with Austin Sister, so ok.

Ah….Kundalini yoga.

Anywho, the main focus of Today was the inaugural playing of David’s new Descent game!

We had a full crew with five players, including David’s godfather,  this adorable kid who (whom?) I met last friday at a Chocolate Party* and my, um, John.

So much fun was had–we sat and played non-stop for FIVE HOURS.

Granted, we were all twitchy, hungry and tired after our afternoon of marauding monsters and rescuing village and villagers alike. But only a little and it was totally worth it, and the twitchy was probably mostly my fault considering the waterfall of Earl Grey I was pouring the grown ups.

Here is today in pictures. Many, many, pictures just to warn you. Enjoy or skip–it’s all good. Aaaaaand, I’ll put the pics after the footnotes just to make scrolling easier.


*Not just a chocolate party, but a chocolate and tea party.

A person within a social group I’m on the periphery of/considering joining who is the new roommate of a friend of a friend….anyways, there were platters of handmade, redonkulous chocolates, pot after pot of superb tea and mounds of excellent people.

It was only moderately traumatizing.

If I am ready for new attitudes/programs/capacities regarding social…endeavors, I have at least, er, accepted, my new limits. Which are very limiting. And weird. Anyways. Social stuff, like Kundalini yoga are both topics for other, longer posts.


Descent: Journeys in the Dark

An afternoon in photos.

20131229-193712.jpgTwo of my stalwart companions. D on the left, AMH on the right. I find their expressions totally adorable.

20131229-193729.jpg Our Overlord. He only looks kind and wise. Godfather played all of the bad guys and did a very, very good job of kicking our good guy asses.

20131229-193741.jpg So many new characters in the latest edition, which was much easier to play and more fun than the previous.

20131229-193756.jpg This is me, Widow Tahra. I played a magician, necromancer class. Wasn’t thinking of Anita Blake AT ALL. …My thoughts on LKH and AB specifically are also meant for a longer, separate post.

20131229-193806.jpg More of me. Go figure…

20131229-193815.jpg Position three. After “Whining pitifully and horribly at the door” and before “trying with little success to find a lap/chair to lounge on.” Turd ball didn’t even try for me once. This may be because I put him in a serious submission hold after he attacked his sister, merciless little bastard that he is. What can I say, I treat my cats like I would a dog. Sometimes. Maybe this isn’t correct–but cats can be trained with purrrsuastion and treats….just like dogs. Well, not just like but close enough. And he’s just so cute and soft and gorgeous… sigh.

20131229-193829.jpg Total, complete, involvement. + Excitement!

20131229-193853.jpg Second quest. We are on the right, first wave of bads on the left. In the center, crops for the village that we had to rescue. Ah, hahaha. Our strategy sucked, but we managed to win.

20131229-193920.jpg John Connor and Bill F***ing Murray.

20131229-193927.jpg Widow Tahra selfie! Note kundalini shawl! It is sparkly!

20131229-194003.jpg Next round of big bads, Beastmen and goblins, view from the Overlord’s side.

20131229-194012.jpg Flurblorg, my faithful undead minion. I am pretty sure he did more damage than I did. SIGH. My very first turn, I used my single game superpower to attack two monsters at once…and MISSED. Widow Tahra did not have a very good game. She missed and died (squishy! Remember your range, silly dear…) alot. And much of the missing could have been prevented had she remembered her regular ability to re-roll the dice. Oh well. Like Overlord Godfather said, it was a learning game for all of us.

20131229-194032.jpg David and King, chair semi-symboisis.

20131229-194054.jpg Big bads, second wave, second quest.  The red ones are harder to kill and do more damage. I died at least once this game. Squishy.

20131229-194105.jpg He looks benevolent but DON’T BE FOOLED. I missed his capers of glee as he proceeded to slaughter us in the third quest.

20131229-194111.jpg Thoughtful ABH, what shall Grisban the Bloodthirsty do next? Where shall he swing his AX OF RETRIBUTION?

20131229-194142.jpg Me, dead. Before I am revived by a generous teammate. SO SQUISHY.

20131229-194149.jpg RIP Flurborg. No revives for undead pets.

20131229-194132.jpg In true heroic fashion, we came back after this gruesome defeat to rescue the kidnapped villagers and sent the goblin king running!

Fun times. Here’s to this monthly tradition sticking tight.

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