Frakking, frakking, frakkity frak frak FOOTNOTES

You know, in addition to the whole Battlestar Galactica piece, Frak as a curse word really works considering how evil ‘fracking’ is.

Well, I say that having not researched it very well….but in my lack of informed opinion, I am anti destructive to the earth, supportive to large corporations things.

Anyways, so, Sensible Toolbox is live, beta!

I finalized my “Under Construction” post which includes a very long rant in the second footnote AND I posted 3 of 4 of my DIY reflexology videos, so cool beans.

Considering that I think my regular posting schedule for STB will be one article and one video a week–I think, maybe with daily tweets???— I’m ahead of schedule!

….Considering that a big chunk of my almost edited content was for the AUTUMN edition of The Seasonal Five Element Series….I am not ahead of schedule…

Anyways, woohoo! Real posts! A hurtle, crossed. A cool picture of my feet.

And now…wine! Cartoons! African food!



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