Belated ‘Boxing Day’ pic post; + MORE FEELINGS and funny story

Yesterday was….well, lets just say that at one point mid-afternoon I had to leave the house.

Everyone/thing was, fine, I guess–I was just so irritated and my cup was just….nothing but dregs. I knew that, if I stayed home, I was likely to pick a fight. (What, ME?)

So I stormed off as best I could, which John was NO HELP with, considerate, thoughtful non-easily triggered man that he is.*

It isn’t as easy as it sounds; storming off if no will fight with you.

Despite this, I managed to make an impressively angst-y entrance to The Blanton Art Museum, which has free admission on Thursdays. This being a school holiday, I didn’t even have to pay for parking, woo.

One of the non-negotiable exercises in The Artists Way (otherwise known as Creative Bootcamp: Who Said You Have To Feel Like It, huh? HUH?) is a two hour weekly Artists Date, the sole point of which is fill up.

So I took my dreggy self and wandered around the latest exhibit which was awesome, if very, er, modern.

Some of it was silly–I mean, seriously, yarn hanging from the ceiling–most of it was super cool and thought provoking.

It cleaned out my mind.

I stood for a very long time in front of a large glass aquarium bowl.

Yes, it was just water in a bowl; but it created prisms and mirrors and beautiful swirly light patterns all around it.

I wish I could remember the artist’s name, but the Blanton website is not responding at the moment. The title of the exhibit is something like “The Air Up Here” and it’s at the Blanton through the 14th.

Anyways. Later in the day, a family friend came over post Holiday Flight and hung out with me and David while John was at work.** There was ooo-ing and ahh-ing over David’s Christmas loot, fun opening more presents and then there was tamales, talking and a rousing game of Munchkin Fu.

One of my favorite games EVER is Munchkin Fu.

It is frigging hilarious, fun and easy to play, which makes a it a great ago combo game.

 20131227-170555.jpg This is my favorite low point weapon–if you can’t read it, it is seriously called ‘The Folding Chair of Retribution”. Wa-CHA.
20131227-170549.jpg Licorice root tea was enjoyed from my new tea straining device from my adorable sister in law. This was an exceptionally awesome present because I may have dropped a (thankfully sturdily covered) tablet device onto my Bodum press pot, also a gift from that side of the family. SIGH.
Tablet was fine. My killer press pot with the retro orange handle? NOT FINE.
20131227-170542.jpgAnyways, killing a bunch of monsters was very therapeutic, especially when I won. HAHAHA.
We are playing David’s new game on Sunday where I doubt I will come up on top. But with games like this, winning isn’t so much the point as is, well, I was going to say “having fun and hanging with friends” but then the words “making your opponents suffer as much as possible” ran through my head…. Mwhahaha.
*Texts while at the Blaton:
Me: I feel safer when you fight back.
J: Ok. I don’t understand why you were fighting in the first place?
Me: I perceived you attacking me around David’s lunch and earlier around the park.
J: Ok, that makes sense.
Me: *annoyed he didn’t take the bait/incredibly glad at the same time* This isn’t fighting back. ❤
Me: Love you.
J: Thanks for doing my laundry.
J: I appreciate you.
J. *smiley devils face* (because he knows he is playing me)
Me: Nicely played, turd. Beloved, wonderful, turd. Though I feel like I’m being managed, not related too. I know you don’t like conflict though. (and he married me! Proof our partner decisions have a lot to do with working through our stuff….)
J: It’s cool, I’ll get angry when it’s necessary. (Eg: you were just in one of your moods and I’ve learned it’s best to ride it out)
Me: Feeling trustful, which I didn’t expect.
So grateful for this relationship.
**I thought I was working yesterday too. *bangs head on table* I wasn’t. Didn’t. SIGH.

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