Christmas Eve style/Killer Red Heels.


a) Heels! New to me jeans from one of my favorite people! I bought these heels, new, for my birthday three years ago using money from my mom.

This is extra funny because there is a curse on the feet of the women in my family which I have circumvented through reflexology, yoga and therapy. Anyways, I’ve grown up hearing “We can’t wear heels, sorry hon.” But here I am! Wearing heels! Gorgeous red velvet heels. Granted I don’t wear heels all of the time–but I can.

Anyways, I pretty much save them for Christmas and Valentines day and those days when red heels are required. And a Christmas Eve New Mexican Feast is definitely one of those days.

b) View from the top. Love these shoes. And the pants. Hallelujah.

c and d) Red, sparkly, sleeveless turtle neck. Long string of plastic pearls. Double earrings: green beads, paste studs. Up-do with curls.

None of my poncho pictures came out, but pulled out my alpaca poncho from another one of my favorite people and have felt gorgeous and glamorous the last 36 hours.

Loves. Merry Christmas!

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