After waiting in line at TJ’s to buy a cheap, but tasty bottle of hooch, I discover TO MY EXTREME HORROR that I no longer have my M*&^%$#@!@#$% ID on my person.

Let me explain. I lost my ID two years ago. It took me 1.5 years and THREE–count them, THREE trips into the BOWELS OF HELL (after hell had had too much spicy food, mind you) to PROCURE A NEW ONE.

NB: I had ALL of the paperwork I needed each time.

1st trip: They were unable to accept payment….city wide.

2nd trip: I do the line thing, they give me a temporary id….NEVER SEND ME THE REAL ONE.

3rd trip: I get to through the wait and talk to a person, DISCOVER THEY DON’T ACCEPT DEBIT CARDS. Can I run it as credit? NOPE. Don’t I have a checkbook on  me? NOPE. So, I have to LEAVE, find an ATM and come the f&^% BACK. 

I’ve had this new, shiny id for LESS THAN THREE MONTHS.

After I got it, I thought to myself, you know, maybe writing down the information that you need to simply order a new id would be a good idea….


Of course I didn’t. OF COURSE.

So, as the fury and rage boils through me, chased on its heels by wailing despair, I am able to glean some useful information.

a) I feel the rage at my solar plexus, between my eyes, jaw and occipital ridge (back of neck).

b) As the rage/despair burbles, this….hot, craving, bubbly/sparkly hungry feeling comes up—EAT. FEED. SMOTHER. Also in my solar plexus. What did it want? Cheese. Also, meat.

c) Stories that start running: I’m a terrible person making poor decisions, the world/universe is aligned against me, it’s hopeless, DESPAIR, etc.


And I wound up stopping at my neighborhood market where they no longer ID me. So, HA.


PS–My neck is almost 100% better! I say we’re at a solid 90%….85% some mornings, but just the last 24 hours has seen a release of most of the pain and I’ve got almost complete ROM back.

And, while it may have been hip stuff… I think there was another, outside source aggravating everything, that once I removed it, made my neck all better. Wheeee! Anyways. Long story and well, I have Other Work to do.

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