Beyond quick

Dos Equis is Christmas beer in my family…and tonight felt like the beginning of the holiday, for realz.

Awesome conversation with an awesome friend–exactly what I needed.

Now to wait out the rest of the night.

J works Saturdays, late. We are sharing a vehicle (so grateful to have the lovely car we have) and on my LONG SATURDAYS, this means taking him to work, doing my thing* and then needing to stay awake and functional until he gets off of work.

I’m about two hours out; have my book for company.

My house smells… Santa, all I want for Christmas is the carpet, upholstery and vents cleaned.


*Last time, LONG SATURDAY heralded me becoming Very Ill. Today was totally fine…as in hard work but didn’t want to rip my hair and SCREAM…with an unexpected sweet moment. Granted, I came home to blood and WAILING–yes, David, if you TEASE THE CAT, that is what happens.… Sigh.

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