You guys, it’s back. Nooooooooooooo….

Neck spasm. *ouch, owy, wahhhhhhhh*

Hello, how I did not miss you.

I am just praying this is some deep seating (haha, funny typo…SEATED) shit in my right hip that is finally truly healing and unwinding. Please

Ok. I can do this. I can. I can make more tea. Put my contacts in.* Set up my table, warm up my stones**… I’ll feel better once I’m actually working on my client.

And I need to make sure that I am incredibly safe and comfortable with my posture.

Ok. Ok, I can do this.

The pain isn’t bad. It’s just really really scary.

So, I also need tons of permission, acknowledgment and gentleness today.

Rock on, hope your Wednesday is awesome.


*Lest you think that I have not been productive and accomplished this morning, let me tell you that you are wrong.

**Did you know that I am a certified LaStone Therapist? Oh, hell yes I am.

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