I wanted to be in bed ages ago

Ok. This can be short. 630 cometh too soon… Only two more days of school tyranny* and then I will naturally start waking up at 530 bc I can… And mornings are 1000 better without school start times, wake up time is irreverent if its natural and I know can have my uninterrupted routine.

I wanted to be in bed by 11 with Ghost Brigade** but noooooooo I had to be all responsible and spiritual and take care of myself and set myself up for success.

The only–ONLY–reason I am not staying up all night reading what is, I hear, a kick ass sequel to a kick ass book is bc I am really really tired and I’m working tomorrow.

Like clients and deadlines (la de da dooo…”I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by”– d Adams, possibly misquoted. Likely. Gist is correct.) kind of work.

So, goodnight. Happy full moon. Sweet dreams.

Ps-it was an excellent day–just ended on a funky note. This fm is better, by a quite significant, huge even, margin, but it still intensifies and you know, feelings.

* have I told you about the remedial parenting class the school district is requiring me to take? Literally hasn’t missed a day of school-about five minutes, NOT JOKING, total- and I’m threatened with a lawsuit and have to take the online driving class equivalent for tardy parents.

Oh if I were queen.

** Robin McKinley just gave the same book to her husband, Peter Dickinson. I do have good taste in books!!


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