Good news update/rest of the day was a burning, Viking pillage

So. Baby is likely ok. Some worrisome genes, higher risk pregnancy, but hallelujah, baby/mama are ok.


In other news:

My grandpa is not doing well post heart surgery.

This is the grandpa I saw weekly, who introduced me to Calvin and Hobbes and with whom I haven’t had enough conversations.

Other…scary, devastating if expected news makes me feel like the person in the photo.

Yes, I have high tech wings—but what about the landing?

And here I am, masterful in my avoidance of actual work.


Photo on 2012-06-27 at 19.38 #3

It’s ok. I have coffee. I will pretend* drink with my book after. Possibly take a bath and do some delicious yoga.

Old photo. Notice the Christmas cactus in background….still have it, the never blooming sucker.


*Still babying my immune system and my budget. Also, paying close attention to my use of mind altering substances: booze, smoke, sugar, caffeine, WHEAT, Netflix, sexy sparkles, whining, as I enter the run down to my Saturn Return.

I was still skeptical about astrology^ until I lived with/in close proximity to FIVE darling people aged 29. Watching their devastation led me to spend (Literally) the last 4 years in prep for my Saturn Return, which basically has meant: dealing with my shit and prepping to kick ass.

Harder than it sounds….Ego gets so freaking attached to negative patterns/beliefs. Amazing how comforting the painful familiar can be.

^No hate, no judgment. How do you know what you know?

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