Cranky, terrible mommy; the correct way to cook steak

Annnnnnnnnd I forgot to set a timer for the rice.

And it is 18 minutes past David’s bed time, which is just going to be how the evening goes because he still needs a bath. Kids who play hard come home with dirt in their hair.

Nothing like recovering….sigh, nothing like recovering from a cold to make one realize things about one’s coping mechanisms. I’m going to have to cave and enjoy some hot spiced cider (WHY* did I have to use up all of my fresh ginger, dammit–actually, lets text neighbor J and see if she has any….)(Cider’s been out because of sugar content, despite just being fruit juice. Nothing like sweets for the icky bugs to nom on…. They are not so fond of whole grains, beans and veggies, just fyi.) while I dive into my new book, hallelujah. Bloody space battles and hopefully gratuitous sex scenes here I come!

Ok. Must go. Amazing Child has finished picking up toys, so it’s time to play an extra round of his math homework tic tack toe. Hello, God? I am SO INCREDIBLY GRATEFUL for this school year and that my kid has the kind of brain/intelligence that works with the horrifically biased school system. It’s not fair, but I am so f&*^%$# glad it’s one less difficult thing. 

PS: Rub meat with crushed garlic clove, coat both sides evenly, heavily with sea salt and fresh, ground black pepper. Put in freezer for as long as it takes for your sides to prep. Sear on medium high heat, both sides to desired doneness. Remove from pan, let rest on plate for at least 5 minutes to retain juiciness. Nom. …This is John’s method…I am a novice when it comes to meat.**

PPS: Yes, that is a frozen mug in the background. The 80z glasses are on the above shelf.


*Oh yes. Ginger Sweat Baths. And I didn’t have near enough ginger for a truly satisfying, gingery soak, but most of the point is getting super hot, retaining the heat and sweating (wait for it) your balls off.

Yes, it’s been too long since, er….. It’s just you know, hard to feel sexy when one’s brains are dripping out one’s nose and everything aches. At that point, orgasms become more about efficiency and staving off headaches than you know, intimacy or balls.

**I think people should eat what they want that makes them feel good in a satisfying way. No judgement here.

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