This is me, except not as high tech. More like ‘stuffing used tissues into the TP roll to be disposed of at a later date or when they all fall out onto the floor’.

UG. I just tried to do the Two Step Authentication Security thing, which I will probably do at a later date, but it requires that you print out ten back up codes and keep that hard copy in a safe location.

UM. Yeah, the biggest risk at this point is me locking myself out of my site-which, wait for it, there is already PRECEDENCE.

If at any point I log out of my personal FB account, I will be locked out FOREVER because a) my hotmail address is now invalid, wtf and b) I FORGOT what I changed my flipping password too last year when they demanded a new password for f&*&^^$ security’s sake.


Ironically, or really, not ironically at all, SINUS’ ARE RELATED TO THE EMOTION OF IRRITABILITY.

Between the easy taking (still haven’t downloaded the book; sat down too, kindle was dead…), the soup and incredibly healthy diet in general (fiber! No sugar!), hydrating like a mofo, supplements, tea, yogas, sinus oils,  ginger sweat baths and netti potting (THE HORROR) I am *pretty sure* *knock on wood* that I am almost out of the woods with this mild cold thing.

Three days. NOT BAD. Of course, this will all depend on if I get a good night’s sleep tonight…. jklfdfdsjklfdsjkl

J came down with it today; David has been his indomitably cheerful self. Ug. I mean, I love it. And him. He is literally the best. But there’s nothing like a high energy, cheerful child who wakes up singing to highlight the filth of your own soul.  


I skipped group today because of the ILLNESS. I seriously thought about it–did a whole shiva/meditation*, but landed on the “don’t even think about using up what precious vital energy you’ve accumulated driving through TRAFFIC and being STIMULATED.

And by stimulated, I mean triggered. Not the fun kind of stimulated. The un-fun kind. Not that group isn’t always unfun.

Group is like netti-potting. It sucks balls, but it is more than worth it.

Oh god. A mom from my homeschool group** just friended me on FB. She is a rad lady, but probably would not want to read a blog with swearing and where ball sucking is referenced regularly.

And speaking of FB, my darling SIL posted something about having a really bad day and how glad she is that she has a mom to talk too and help her through difficult times. Or something.

MY SIL IS PREGGERS AND OH GOD, WHY WOULD YOU ALLUDE TO TRAGEDY IN SUCH A VAUGE FASHION WHEN YOU ARE PREGNANT? AD if you read this, TEXT YOUR BROTHER so I can a) stop worrying or b) have the appropriate amount of worry.

Me, I just lay it all out there.*** Subtle my middle name is not


* It’s uber powerful brain yogas….helps me get clear when I am indecisive, among a billion other useful things. Seriously–it’s like, OH GOD WHAT DO I DO I DON’T KNOW *WAILS/WOE* and I flail and sit and the answer floats up. Sometimes I need to flail more and add some journaling into the mix, but it always works and for minor decisions like “am I healthy enough to go to therapy or would I be depleting myself more, oh god, the GUILT” 10-15 minutes is all it takes for solid CLARITY to shine through.

I mean, priceless, right?

**Explains a lot, huh?^

^Hi Karen T! Also, Karen H, I am sorry, I don’t do those “Paste and Share if you Care” things. I’m glad we’re FB friends and I hope it stays that way.

***Or I just KEEP IT TO MYSELF. Oh, haha.  I mean, I really do. Have secrets. Well, not so much secrets, but I share selectively you know? Which still seems hilarious considering I now have a daily blog where I talk about my life. 

One thought on “This is me, except not as high tech. More like ‘stuffing used tissues into the TP roll to be disposed of at a later date or when they all fall out onto the floor’.

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