He’s not yowling, he’s telling me how much he loves and respects me.


Sick ish. The thing about my work though, is that a little sinus infection and cough can’t necessarily stop me from writing, cooking, cleaning, parenting.

I’m going to take it crazy easy today just the same—most of the reason why I’m here is my redonkulous sleep schedule and stress of the last few days…. I’m pretty sure I know what the root fear piece is, but SUCK…… I don’t want to be sick. And I’m grateful it’s the very, very very shallow end of sicky-icky.

G&%$#@! m&^*%#$@!# cat. If I don’t murder the large, whining beast known as King Tut before the days end, it will likely be because I was too comfortable/weak and couldn’t be bothered to stop reading on the couch.

Speaking of yowly presences–I left my phone off yesterday and I think I will today as well. I know, how INCONSIDERATE OF ME. How will the world SURVIVE without me???

Today is off to a nice start despite the virulent yellow mucous I’m coughing up and my bored, sad, desperate kitty. (HA) (And not that much mucous…just a little. I’m taking care of myself, don’t worry.) Netti pot cleared out my sinus’, and I have my lovely sinus oil. I’m in the middle of some yoga….yes, it’s hard to motivate myself through what I know of the ashtanga series’ when I’m at home…and I’m going to download that book, watch some Community, savor my CLEAN house (and all of the laundry is done! Well, minus two loads that need to be folded, but whatevs) and make some soup.

Granted, I said the same thing about soup and book previously, but I’m at the point where it’s necessary. Maybe even a ginger bath. No sugar, no booze, no wheat. Bleck, bleck. Those are the other culprits, after the lack of sleep and stress. F&^%$#@! wheat. SIGH.

Praise, praise, and BLESS my darling husband who facilitated 8 hours of sleep for me last night. I would be full blown SICK if that hadn’t happened. So if today leads me to an early bedtime of deeeep sleep, it will be a success.

And I can facilitate an early bed time and deep sleep through: yoga, plenty of food during the day, sleepy herbs before bed and reading instead of TV in the evening. Also hot baths and plenty of writing, because there’s is nothing like a good days work to help a soul rest.



Loves you guys. Hope everyone has a safe, healthy week.

PS–Also fueling my day is the Wax Tailor station on Pandora with Moby’s Honey as an additional seed. Loving it.

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