Sorry about last night!

Note the catmint behind me that survived it’s host’s forgetfulness + first hard freeze.

I am very pleased with my post shower/house cleaning outfit and updo.* The key to fuzzy sweaters is proper layering underneath so that “fuzzy” does not become “itchy as hell”.  Also, I find that most sweaters are only warm if there’s a solid layer underneath…all of those knit holes let the chill in.

I realize as an inhabitant of the SW that I really, truly do not understand cold. That is fine–I’d like to keep it that way, unless my plans to migrate to Iceland or Canada are successful.

A fitted purple brown fuzzy sweater with proper undergarb, beads from Haiti, updo, and jeans made this girl very happy. My whole wardrobe re-do** has made me incredibly happy all around. I’m putting my clothes away, receiving compliments, reduced my laundry output and am just feeling better all around. WIN in my book.

If you’re a daily reader, sorry about last night. I was just…. DONE. My looooong Saturday was exhausting and stressful as hell. It ended on a sweet note, but holy shit, I was swearing up a storm from 3:15-8:30, which just freaking sucked. What made it suck even more was that I knew most of the problem was my attitude, not necessarily circumstances. The holiday event traffic and road closures were super, SUPER annoying, but still–it was inner habits/patterns that were mostly making my experience dreadful. Ug, working through the weekend blows…. But then again, I’m a parent/householder. When does the work ever stop? There just is no done, so it’s up to me to learn how to be ok taking the breaks I need.


* My bangs are getting long enough to do interesting swoopy things… However, that also means they’re long enough to be super annoying if not clipped back. Sigh. My hair is too long, my bangs too short. Oh, LIFE AND IT’S WOE’S. This whole hair thing is turning into an epic existential crisis worthy of it’s own, whole, long blog post.

**So what I’ve done is arrange 8 outfits in the following categories: working casual, casual nice, NICE everyday, NICE going out, and hung them up in the front of my closet, with everything else pushed to the back. Yoga and pajamas are in my dresser. The key is: the underwear. My single bra, slips, tights, camisoles are all doing double, triple, or quad duty, so those I wash more often, while my clothes usually stay pretty clean. If I like my outfit, I’m more careful to not spill or dirtify, and I’m more likely to remember an apron while cooking or cleaning. I’m wearing my “nicer” clothes more often; unless I’ve paid full price or if the item was a full price gift (most of my clothes, at least 90%, are hand me downs or thrifts.) or it if it’s an especially fancy piece, I’m fine wearing a dress or a skirt to clean in, up to the NICE everyday category. Clothes are meant to be worn and fully enjoyed and if I stain or tear or whatever something, it’s not too big of a deal because a) I have so many clothes and b) it was either $6 or free. And if I would really care if something happened to an outfit (like the candy stripe fifties Ralph Lauren dress my grandmother gave me), I clean the house before I put it on. It’s been stretching in a lot of ways, requiring presence during my dressing/undressing routine and with my ‘being seen’ and ‘fear of being judged for being a vain, ungodly bitch’ issues. On the flip side, it’s become a piece of self care/love, and of…owning who I am and that it’s f&*^%$# ok to be interested in style.

It’s also made my mornings a million, billion times easier. Gone are the….WHAT WILL I WEAR, CRAP WHERE IS THE LITTLE PIECE THAT WOULD TIE THIS OUTFIT TOGETHER angst moments. With the opposite schedules piece, it’s so much easier to just grab the prepped hanger with the whole outfit + accouterment out of the closet and duck into the bathroom and change while keeping the bedroom dark so J’s sleep isn’t interrupted. As much. I still pick jewelry out the day of, but gone (at least for now) are the days of banging around and opening a million drawers searching for the right pair of panties.

So. We’ll see if I can get over the….continuing transition hump as I come to the end of my planned outfits.

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