I’m typing this, literally in bed, leaning against my pillow, completely, 100% ready to go to sleep after posting this.

Good day. Necessary things happened with reasonable ease and pleasant face to face social moments occurred.

One was a total, sweet surprise new connection. Several involved some variation of the above pic.

Girls nights were a success. Transitioning was rough, (go figure-me? Transitions* are not my strong suit.)(If you haven’t already guessed.)

Bed, now. School may be happening in the morning; either way I need to wake up at 6 and assess.



*Not to mention extra David duty on my pre-weekend night off. I hadn’t planned on it or for it, that’s the thing. And then my nap/HomeWok^/Dinner time turned into Extra Unplanned Errand time^^ (everyone got what they needed, I drove safely, car angst aside, which I just can’t get into right now.), and then there was blood and trauma during the transition between girls nights when David tripped and landed spread eagle in a pile of gravel. Later, after the bleeding and shaking had subsided, he told me he felt like he had died, since this was his first big fall with big bleeding scrapes. Awww. So we talked about trauma and the body and since I was at a place with good herbal first aid and because I had arnica on hand and because it wasn’t that bad, really, just scary, it was ok. And messy and loud and time consuming.

^And not just the easy stuff he does on his own, but hardest part that we usually fight about. There is some level of hell that is a worst version of the  3pm-8pm post school work day school night shift.

^^I am so so so so grateful for my grocery budget and good food. I am not grateful that I allowed myself to be accosted by the charity people, knowing I didn’t want to give any money, or that I let the dude’s attitude when I said no sour my mood. This last part has been what you might call a BLOODY FREAKING THEME. It is so exhausting. Insert joke about giving up people…

I like people. It’s just, so much energy. And there were so many interactions for me today.

PS-So the reason I’m up so late after girls night is thus: I picked up John at 1 and then needed a bath, which, as my baths tend to go, takes a while. Awesome just you know time consuming. Feels great and I know it will make tomorrow much more doable to have grooming out of the way….holy shit, look at the time. Boo….

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