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So, a friend of mine takes her coffee into the shower. WHY HAVE I NEVER THOUGHT OF THIS? She also has short hair, which makes showering easier…. After my mind was recovered from the awesomeness that is shower coffee, I was awash with jealousy at the thought of how easy showering every day with short hair would be.

I do not have short hair. I have….very long hair. Very long, thick, heavy hair that is full of issues and emotional attachments. As in my projections of them… I actually have really awesome, easy* hair for it being down to my butt. Yes. It’s that long.

My coffee shower friend has short, pixie hair, but she is a sensible super fairy, so that makes sense.

She is one of those ladies who manages to be super responsible and competent while maintaining a level of awesomeness and fun that baffles the mind of this mere mortal.


Today, a breakdown so far:

3am: posted blog, despite my computers best efforts to EAT IT. I had a moment there, as the precious sleep seconds ticked by where I weighed what I would do if my super short blog disappeared and just how committed I am to this whole daily posting thing.

6am: Woke up to my alarm; John grabs phone and informs me that there is a two hour start time delay because this is Austin and we basically turn into the wicked witch of the whichever direction, except the opposite: “We’re freezing, we’re freezing!”

Despite a 90% prediction, NO SNOW. John was EXTREMELY disappointed.

David’s classroom had earned their FINAL MARBLE in their ‘party’ jar (I worship the ground his teacher walks on) and so today was their PJ Party! I stagger out of my room to find him almost ready.

Me: *croak* No…school…until…9:45…

David: WHAT? But, mom, our party!!

Me: *staggering back to bed* I’ll…see…you…at…9:30….


knock, knock Mom, mom, I REALLY WANT TO GO TO SCHOOL! Can I go to school now, mom, please?

9:15: final alarm goes off, I crawl out of bed.

David: Mom, can I go to school yet?

Me: You…have…to…wait…until…9:35…to….leave….

David: What about 9:30? I’d like to go then.

Me: Ok…. *falls asleep on the floor*

12:43pm, I wake up with a sick rush of pseudo-energy, feeling like I had been put through the wringer…albiet on the easy section…. It’s just, yesterday–I was on, and going, and doing, and moving, and talking to people for THIRTEEN HOURS. And this is AFTER a full, early morning.


I’ve pretty much been crawling from my bed (where there are snuggles) and my padded desk chair, where there are also snuggles, but where there is also things like food** and tea…

Speaking of. Do I dislodge the happy kitty and procure more nourishment or suck it up and enjoy the peace for a little while longer?

Photo on 2013-12-06 at 15.52


I have been craving cigarettes this last week. Excellent indicator that I need more. More rest, more exercise, more nutrition, more love experiences, more intellectual stimulation.

Thankfully/unfortunately my tolerance for said smokey treats has plummeted and I’m not so stressed that I’ve felt enough of an urge to break the barrier of EUUG my body has, rightly, set up.

I don’t want an e-cig. I find the smoke to be very…soothing in a way vapor is not. And those little e-cigs–I could puff ALL DAY on one of those and at least with cigarettes, there is a physical tolerance piece that makes me stop.

Considering curling up with a book after my burrito madness is consumed. Possibly this book.

Ok…. Enough fluff blogging for today. Hope your pre-weekend is wonderful!


*Guess what? It’s a very long story. WHO WOULD HAVE THOUGHT. But seriously. The Great Hair Experiment has been going on since late spring of ’09 and has been a remarkable success. 

**Leftovers from Kerbey. Seaweed snacks. Apple chips. Peanut butter pretzels. Waiting on a steak burrito in the oven. My very wise theory behind my weekend grocery shopping was that I would not want to be dependant on cooking to provide myself with food; and since it’s literally FREEZING outside right now, that turning the oven on would be a wonderful, comforting option.

This sensible decision is freaking out the part(s) of me who feel that frozen food is CHEATING and that only LAZY, UNHEALTHY people eat wheat and sodium in ECO DESTROYING PACKAGING.

The Queen is supporting my earlier decision because she knows that tonight there is a Very Important Party and that Tomorrow is Another LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG^ Saturday and she would rather me eat, and eat at home versus having a ton of healthy ingrediants that require cooking, time and CLEAN UP or spending too much money on not enough take out.

Sanity wins, woohoo!


David. Yoga Volunteer. Take John to/Pick up From Work. Bare Minimum. And you know, I’ll probably do stuff like take a yoga class, clean, cook, parent, and write. Pet the kitties. Deal with the kitties. They are, well, King really, is giving me a break today….PRAISE BE. Thus, the series of kitty cuddle pics because he is just the best 15lb of fuzzy black softness. When he isn’t sending my blood pressure through the skegging roof. ALTHOUGH. Now with the training shift, I’ve been training myself to just…breathe and detach when he cries and yowls. And my lack of response seems to be as helpful as the clicking^^ and positive treat reinforcement.

^^That’s right, I don’t think I’ve finished talking about The Cat Training….

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