Super quick, waking up crazy early tomorrow

Well, not that crazy, considering “work” starts around 6 with the kiddo.

Have a client at 8am–yes, EIGHT AM–which, long story*, so that means I need at least–at least– an hour of personal….gathering, in addition to the logistical prep: cleaning, table set up, cleaning, heating the stones, setting up supply tables, rearranging chairs for foot baths, ETC. Lots of little details, still practicing at this whole Practice thing…. (and my house is clean. Just not flawlessly tidy and client clean)

Practicing practicing at Practicing.

Yes, business card tag line! FINALLY!

Ok, so today. Today was….lazy and sweet and slow and ANNOYING** and productive and good with a gold star bonus section that was a long conversation with my little brother, who at 20.5 is not that little anymore. In fact, he’s more of a grown up than I am in many ways…. Keep using birth control, little brother. You don’t need to grow up any faster.

Kitty training is going well.

Pineapple spoiled on my prepped pizza which was CRAZY GROSS. I mean, we just picked it all off, and John did the dishes, yay, so win in my book. I also finished up the last of my freezer minestrone, which is saying something because that recipe was MASSIVE. It almost overflowed my stock pot. So it’s mostly saying that a) I loved the recipe and b) I love having containers of delicious, healthy, filling soup in the freezer.

Still loving my mango black tea…. John bought some genmachai, which, as usual, is just OUT OF THIS WORLD delicious.

Mmmm….that’s what I’ll do tomorrow…brew a huge pot of that deliciousness, hope/pray for a second client right after my first and plan on a serious midday nap either way.

xoxo lovelies, who ever you are. Be at peace as best you can.

It is time for me to go to bed and get my snuggle on. …And readjust my alarm clock, because, who would have guessed, I’m getting to bed later than I planned?


*Rubber meeting the road… What, you didn’t expect details? How unprofessional would that be. 

Actually, I wrote some details, not about my client specifically but about how I felt about our pre-booking interaction…..but even that didn’t feel right. So yes. Another GIANT area in my life that is not appropriate for this blog. No wonder I have FIVE pictures of cats heading my entries this last week….

**Long/short of it: I find parenting to be FUCKING HARD the majority of the time. I comfort myself with how he can always go to therapy like I did….assuming there is still clean water, breathable air and the terms of our corporate enslavement are still lax enough to allow for self help and healing.

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