I think I may start an experiment with timing re MFtW. Evenings aren’t working out very well; I spend most of my day ‘putting off’ MGtW to do other/real work, but I’m thinking about it non-stop, which totally sucks, because by the time I sit down to type at the end of my day*, especially lately since I’ve had a later social schedule, I am just wiped, and no matter how cool the thing I wanted to talk to you about is/was, it doesn’t matter because the neuron soldiers that connect my brain to my fingers and eyes have used up all of their bus tokens and then I feel mad because my blog sucks compared to the 8 versions I’d written earlier (in my head) that day, and just, ARG.

I have a lot of mixed emotions on holidays. Today has been one of the better ones, in most ways, specifically though in regards to the ‘inner pain’ scale.

So I’ll close with one thing I’m thankful for: choices and the good results I’m basking in. Just yay.

Oh, also, shifting cat training away from the squirt bottle….it worked short term, but I don’t think long term it would have remained a successful strategy… So far, amazingly good.

xoxo, stay healthy everyone.


*Kid’s hw is done, his dinner, bath, supervised chores: dishes, dishwasher, clothes, toys, back pack, cats: food, water, litter, trash, my dinner: make, eat, clean up, final kitchen wipe down, possibly floors if I’m feeling ambitious or they’re gross enough, bedtime routine: contacts, teeth, face, clothes, tea etc.

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