Happy post Thanksgiving! Happy Thanksgiving Boxing Day Equivalent! Oh, that’s right–It’s LEFTOVERS day.

I am on my third glass of cider.

(and I’m talking about a real glass, you know, how technically a cup of coffee is one of those little 6oz cups? I’m using an 80z beer* glass.)

I have been feeling RESISTANCE to the WRITING. Which is ANNOYING but to be expected, given the new leaf turn over of a DAILY COMMITMENT, oh god, monster freak out!!!

After I finished my Morning Pages** and started planning out the rest of my evening***, I decided that hey, a glass of cider while writing my (quick) personal blog is an great idea because it will act as a excellent segway into cleaning and dinner prep.

Then I decided to start EDITING Missy Goes to War*.

Two glasses and a large bowl of instant oatmeal later…..

GodD*** this cider is so YUMMY. And while I can (and have been! YUM!) tolerate wheat (to a point…..), I do have an inflammation response. This awesome cider is naturally gluten free and so the happy buzz is in no way diminished by the gross “this was bad for me on a molecular/immune level” feelings that accompany wheat based beer and some wheat based foods.

Lone star… Can still drink it, thank god, because it’s just so damn good. I mean, I’d buy GF beer, but it’s all gross and/or not easy to drink. Redbridge leaves me with a sharp chemical ick edge… Rather have Lone Star and it’s super diluted gluten, thank you very much.

(I realize this is not fair to the current gf market… Warning, generalizations, lack of totally informed opinion…)

Was not expecting this to be a post about beer. Da****, I don’t think I have the right picture…

**several minutes later**

I love the internet. I especially am a fan of www.theChive.com, which is were many of the images I use on this site come from. I went to theChive looking for a beer flight photo, since this post wound up being about beer. Specifically, Crispin’s GF cider. Somehow, a Stephen Covey quote is my first choice.

I am also a fan of wordpress.com.

WP, I love you. From the deepest depths of my heart, I love you. THANK YOU for existing.

Ok.*** This endevour is taking up close to it’s maxium alootted amount of time (1 hour) and you know, this is the real life blog. This is me, in the trenches of living. And sometimes that, at this moment, as is lovely and correct for me, involves Cider.

I’d been saving this cider all week as a…reward, deep breath, sigh, you made it through one of the Holidaze. 6 weeks until New Year. You can do it. 

And I haven’t even mentioned the new cat training methods (!), how perfect (!!) Thanksgiving was, or um, my new closet/wardrobe system that is just….making everything easier oh my god, and holy s*** there’s a new member of my family, an addition to the face care routine that is also (it’s a theme, it’s a theme!!) making everything better, or the book that is making everything better. (THEME) Not to mention the phone debacle**** (maybe not making everything better?), work developments (shivers), and all of the amazing flowers that have come my way.

Re: last night’s entry, I suppose the take away is something about timing, rather than a “morning goal/routine addition”.

Except that now dinner is late. My dinner. David is all wrapped up for bed time, chores included, bada boom, bada bang

Holy s***, I am late feeding the kitties…. With the new training, and x, y, and z left on the plate for today, I will say goodnight and talk to you darlings***** later.

While this isn’t happening, at the moment, if I told you that there was critter that saunters on four legs draped across my lap and one that skips on two draped around my neck, this would be a very accurate representation of what it’s felt like writing this post.

Hope everyone’s weekend is rocking! xoox


* So funny cider story. I had bought^ a bottle of Crispins GF cider for Halloween. Halloween in our neighborhood is a kid friendly version of Mardi Gras with people showing off homemade haunted houses, house parties, magical decorations, and sharing excellent candy instead of tits. (No Slutty Costumes allowed is my impression…. Not that these folks would judge your…but.) Basically, large crowds of families wandering around in costumed packs. It’s awesome. Grown ups trick or treat for beer. Oh Austin, I LOVE you!

^Tie into how preparation is just making life so much better/easier, I’ve forgotten a drink the last several Halloween block party. I’ve been promising myself that I would prepare for next year, blah, blah. I did this year and lo, it was awesome.

Anyways. I was thinking, ok, this is a large bottle, so it’s probably equal to 1-2ish Lone Stars. Lone Star is a very very tasty Texas beer that qualifies on the “beer punch” list of beers. Eg, beer flavored water.

We were at the 4th house or so with our Trick or Treating party^^ and I’m about a third of the way through my bottle when I notice how deliciously warm and happy I feel, which is usually not the case on Halloween^^^. This feeling escalated and by the time we’d reached the heart of the block party I’m in fine spirits and tripping. As in feet.

Later, John explained that cider has a MUCH higher alcohol percentage than regular beer. “OH.” I said, drinking a large glass of water. (it was lovely and fine, just a little surprising from my end.)

^^I love my neighbors!

^^^It’s true, I am a giant party pooper. Doesn’t matter how awesome it is, I have ingrained stress. Really trying to deal with it!


**An exercise from the book, The Artists Way, by Julia Cameron. As in James Cameron. As in Stephen Spielberg’s inspiration.


***Yes, this is kind of funny. Doing my morning pages in the evening. Technically, you’re supposed to do them FIRST thing upon waking…….. I am to the point in my relationship with The F&*^%$F#@ Artist’s Way where I count it if they happen 1x in a 24 hour period.


****Phone is lost. It is likely at our Thanksgiving host’s home. Palpitations under control.


*****Other bloggers have liked me! Cue panic/hide issues. Can I think about this after the “Holiday” “weekend”^, please?

^Parenting, twitch. …One of the things that is working better in my life lately have been school holidays. I’ve been experimenting with gentleness, perspective, allowance, permission, planning, love and play in regards to school and summer holidays since, oh, March or so this year. Post Valentines was incredibly depressing for various reasons and I resolved to (in reasonable, sustainable ways) make the holidays better for all parties. So far I’ve seen a slow but steady increase in fun and the same in reverse for stress/angry/busyandrushed moments. 

It’s definitely one of those…going sane feels like going crazy moments that I’m learning to associate with all of the gentle shifts into positive/loving habits I’ve been experiencing recently.

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