Miracle* chocolate

*It’s not so much miraculous as it is very very fortunate for myself and for John, who dive bombed my emergency dark chocolate rations^, but not so thoroughly (or neatly) that I didn’t notice the (completely sealed in wrapper…they come in these indivudally wrapped sections so that, persumeably, freshness is maintained for those of us who just need a piece or three to stave off the darkness) piece of chocolate bar between the couch and coffee table.


Why? Because Tonight Is a Chocolate night for me and I would have been VERY miserable and John is fortunate because he is the reason I had a panicked five minutes while searching the cupboard for my stash.)**

**I guarantee you that John rolled his eyes and sighed for the entirety of the above section.


Today was One of Those Days.

The details….they will not be repeated here.

Not because they were all bad necessarily, just all (good and bad, some very bad. Some very, very good. Most just omplicated and confusing and hard.) intense.

So I am going to tell you about my breakfast. 

(I have a masterpiece spiritual text/journal masquerading as a vegetarian Indian cuisine cookbook. The author, who traveled around India with a guru for at least a decade, tells of a sect of Hinduism (I think) that worships food. Cooking becomes a sacred act of meditation, prayer and worship and I just love that idea.

I also hate the idea in turns; it’s almost too good, if you know what I mean. I can’t be that perfect 5-million times a day it seems. Sometimes I want to be angry at the chore: Cooking.)

I sliced a few tablespoons of fresh, sweet onion and lightly grilled them. Then, after about 5 minutes of internet research, I melted a lot of butter, beat the crap out of milk and two eggs and made the most KILLER onion cheddar omelet.

(OmElet, btw.)

Topped with half a perfectly rip avocado, accompanied by fresh mango slices*** and a hot pot of cafe ole.

I LOVED how the eggs, being so light and fluffy, didn’t weigh down my stomach. I scarfed my whole serving; usually with omelets, they are so heavy and I feel full quickly.

Yes, please and THANK YOU.

Between the cold weather, clean house, candles and mostly not annoying as heck kitties, it was perfect.


***I say slices. I’m being generous. The mango was pretty, er, mangled.



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