Wet. And opposite of fun.

Slept through my alarm… AGAIN.*

As far as drop off times and tardies, I really really hate public school policy. I am too tired to go into it right now, but BITE ME.

Things would have been FINE if I had heard my alarm. %#€¥!!!!!!!

So I am adding a second alarm to my weekly alarm system. ¥*%#*#{!

Yes, staying up as late as I did is a recipe for disaster even in the best of circumstances…if you don’t hear your alarm and you like in a tyrannical, nonsensical government system, it’s extra fun.

And now of course, between the adrenaline and RAGE, sleep is likely not going to happen.

And I know, I could opt out of public school and homeschool, but (as much as I think homeschooling is a wonderful valid option… As long as it works for ALL parties involved.) I am just NOT that person… Maybe I could be if finances weren’t an issue, but they are and I am doing the freaking best I can.

It’s just one of those times when that isn’t good enough.




* Sleep issues. I have them. Had them, to a point. There is an art to balancing the things I need to sleep: ear plugs, white noise, face mask, phone being far away so the fear of radiation doesn’t send me into a panic attack, and the things I need to be able to wake up on time: loud enough alarm, a sleep state light enough to hear it.

This is annoying.

I have sweat blood in this whole Sleep Battle: The Insomnia and CRAZY Wars thing. And to have my HARD WON VICTORY (eg, I’m FUCKING SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT) turned into a DOWNFALL (sleeping too hard/can’t hear damn alarm with ear plugs) is just crazy making. Like ripping out my own hair and chewing on the furniture crazy making.


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