My best friend is running a week long “no yelling at your kids” parenting ‘challenge’.

Parenting, to me, always feels like a challenge….but WHAT THE HELL, lets make it HARDER!

(Haha, imagining my birth control failing right now….Le Sigh. “What’s having four kids like? Imagine you’re drowning….and someone hands you a baby.” –That blond middle aged comedian, paraphrase.)

I’ve been coming at this “challenge” from a “how can I support myself in a holistic sort of way so that I’m never in the place where yelling is my best option.” sort of way.

Because, a list of shoulds and don’t do that doesn’t help me in the moment.

Lets be honest–yelling serves me in the moment, in some way, or else I wouldn’t be doing it. I mean, it’s usually about accomplishing something (eg, David do X, Y or Z) OR/and/also expressing/processing in a projectioning sort of way. Eg, I’m mad or scared or sad about SOMETHING OTHER THAN MY KID, but lashing out releases pent up energy.

(plus, kids are annoying.)

And we also need to take into account how triggering and regressive parenting is, all of the new ways “modern” life makes it harder.

I mean, honestly, I’d take worrying about saber tooth’d tigers eating my kid over the &%$#@(*&*(^&**Y^&* healthcare DEBACLE.

She would pick THE WEEK OF THANKSGIVING BREAK for this challenge.



PS–about last night’s entry/this mornings. Such is life. I am going to leave last night’s/this EARLY morning’s FIRST post with the giant, glaring typo, because, shame, Melissa.

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