Short Saturday

So. Today was a Work* day. And all I’ll say about it was that a) it was work, and b) it went well. Tomrorrow and Monday are also Work days. Or at least a partly tomorrow, but Monday will be intense. Tomorrow, as a weekend and the only day off my family has together, will be intense as well, but in a good way.

David and I have our weekend routine down pretty well, and John sleeps in on Sunday, which is his first day off after 3-5 days of Uchi-ing.

I thought I would make another list, this time of short descriptions of things….

1. I am very excited to watch the next disc of Modern Family. It just came in the mail and it has been torture waiting for it. I don’t agree with all of the writing tropes–for example, the power dynamic in Claire and Phil’s relationship deeply disturbs me, however, there are alot of sweet familial moments and, most importanly, it makes me laugh. Out loud. Many times. LOVE IT. Top tier tv in my book. Seriously, it’s close to Archer, but you know, Archer is pretty much perfect.

2. Speaking of books; I just finished a David Weber military sci-fi. It was delicious; I am a sucker for space battles…and space battle with galactic politics and kick ass female leads? Yes please and thank you. …Granted, I am annoyed at the puritanical undertones…his females don’t have sex or much of a sexual nature in general, which, sorry, that’s very inaccurate…but it’s a very minor complaint, because most of the time I am distracted by the intrigue and battle scenes.

Hell yes.

Oh yeah, the name is In Fury Born.

3. I am pretty sure I will be purchasing the next installment of Buffy 8. There just really aren’t words. Other than Thank You MOM, of course. *hearts* (birthday present)(other presents included: a party, aloe plants, a calcite crystal, cash, wine and web hosting.)(also, my period. Thanks body!)

Ok. Three things is enough. Socializing was *hic* wonderful as always. Quite delicious…. My friend is an excellent cook and we had a conversation that was even more delicious than the homemade pasta and superb red wine.

And the cherry in the middle of my day was a spontaneous invite for a drink at my neighbor’s house. I love spontaneous social times that happen because it’s right and it works for both of you in that moment. Plans… Plans can be stressful, as can socializing.** So, large win.

Good night.


*I’ve decided, that since a decent chunk of my Work is writing, that I’m not going to talk about Work, (much, in any way that taxes the mind at all.) because you know, it already gets it’s own website and 2-10 hours of my days on a regular basis. Well. Not all of my work goes on the website….but about half of the other writing does. Or will, as I start the Regular Scheduled Program over there…. A bit more complicated than this darling project.^

^Which is turning into a….this is how a part of my day went, and is also qualified by what feels good to write about.  There was lots of stuff that did not feel good at all. However. And. I coped well, nay admirably and then the lovely synchronistic socializing happened, and I am snug and warm in my home with a disc of Modern Family and CHOCOLATE. Really good, really dark, really delicious chocolate. And I think I will not get this cold and there may be kitty cuddles, so take that Difficult Things About Today. *nom nom nom*

It’s only feeling like tossing glitter at that damn Dutch dam that broke (by the demons of some other dimension, slavering for human energy and mojo. But it’s magic glitter and I have the internet.) in the dark reaches of the night…

** Socializing… I need a certain amount of certain kinds of socializing. It’s a precise science and necessary to sanity. More so, there’s a precise science to figuring out the amounts and types needed, because it shifts depending…. on EVERYTHING. Right now, I’m needing more intense one on one time with trusted, intimate friends as I can tolerate/arrange/fit into my schedule and I’m also going for more groups, which tells me that my energy reserves are being used—>taxed. It’s a thing, balancing all of the factors, because the wrong kind of socializing at the wrong moment can be incredibly depleting/deregulating in Times Like These^. But, I hope that I’ve communicated that there was…sweet respite and enough, or at least more of a sense of enough than I was expecting. Yaaaaay. 

^By which I mean periods of extra intense stress. So, if this is extra typo-y….um, sorry/oops/blerg. Tired.

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