Inner. Coup.

This is what I am about. 

Inner: 1 situated inside or further in; internal: • close to the center : the inner solar system.• close to the center of power

Coup: coup |koō|noun ( pl. coups |koōz|)1 (also coup d’état) a sudden, violent*, and illegal seizure of power from a government** :  2 a notable or successful stroke or move : • an unusual or unexpected but successful tactic.

*In one of those crazy making paradoxes, I practice non-violent coups. It is, for me, the only way. Inner violence simply creates more schism and shadow when my goal is integration of all parts of myself.

**In this case, ‘government’ would be old programming, beliefs and patterns that are no longer serving us. I thank thank what got me here (as best I can), and let it go (as best I can), because it will not take me where I want and need to go.  

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